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These video games were the nerds of the family, they never became famous and they never dated a girl.
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34 Responses to “20 Obscure video games (almost) no one has played”

  1. Molly says:

    Holy fuck. Definitely willing to play “Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ”.

  2. Marcus says:

    Me too! =) Looks awesome.

  3. eszcz says:

    i like it !!

  4. Alice says:

    Ah! Mario teaches typing was actually a great learning tool!

  5. I loved mario teaches typing :(

  6. Anonymous says:

    Chameleon Twist was a fucking awesome game.

  7. Brittany says:

    im so glad i went to this site ive been trying to remember the name of chameleon twist forever now lol

  8. Mathieu s says:

    i am Happy if it helped you Brittany :)

  9. Seal says:

    Normality was fuckin hard!!!

  10. chris says:

    I learned how to type on mario teaches typing. I believe on a mac!

  11. XMadjesterX says:

    I still have my copy of Kwirk.

  12. ryan says:

    New Horizons and Clash at Demonhead were awesome

  13. Oliver says:

    Clash at Demondhead was an amazing game! Vic Tokai published a few winners, including the Golgo 13 games.

  14. Veggieh8r says:

    Clash at Demonhead was a fantastic game.

  15. Anonymous says:

    holy crap! Clash at Demonhead?! I remember playing completely through that game – it was actually pretty decent!

  16. Joker says:

    Kwirk was one of the few original Gameboy games I had! It was a great puzzle game, I would love to play it again.

  17. jon says:

    New Horizons was awesome, if I’m remembering it correctly.

  18. JoeAmazo says:

    I have Little red Riding Hood Zombie BBQ and I played Clash at Demonhead back in the day. there was on level I could never get past though.

  19. ATTIMIADOVE says:

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  20. A-Ron says:

    “I am an air traffic controller” Made me laugh for some odd reason.

  21. spammurai says:

    I played all the scenarios in New Horizons. Was awesome.

  22. UltimateChase says:

    Mario Teaches Typing was a really good game. I played the crap out of it when I was a kid. I think there was also a Mario Teaches Math or something.

  23. TheGanjaGuru says:

    I definitely remember Mario Teaches Typing, that game was the shit in the second grade.

  24. MyMorningJoe says:

    I have played a couple of these. I owned #2, and have played 13, 8, 6, and 5

  25. i9 says:

    Chameleon Twist was the best game ever!!!!!!! I’m dead serious

  26. irezumi says:

    New Horizons looks like monkey island fake :))

  27. ann o nymous says:

    Man, totally used to jack off to ads for “Space Bunnies Must Die”…
    Never did get to play it tho!

  28. Andres says:

    i played the pepsi man game. Its very aditctive….

  29. Shin says:

    o_o I dunno… when zombie BBQ was released, people all over the DS scene were talking about it… I don’t think it’s that obscure.

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  32. iFer says:

    the Mario’s game I only played it once and I would like to play zombie bbq

  33. YourMom says:

    Pepsiman was a pretty bad-ass game

  34. I am not a computer games fanatic, but do play some of the games listed above.

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