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Movies love dinosaurs, but since Jurassik park the level went higher.

here is a selection of the worst dinosaurs ever made for a movie.

Tammy and the T-Rex

This movie is so bad it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. It’s about a guy who was murdered,

but his brain is transplanted into an animatronic dinosaur.

( one of the first movies of Denise Richard, who play the girl, not the t-rex )

Dinosaur likeness : 5/5

Theodore Rex

the studio realized it was too horrible to release in theaters, and instead

went straight to the video store

Dinosaur likeness : 1/5

Adventures in Dinosaur City

Adventures in Dinosaur City is about three kids who get sucked in to the

universe of their favorite TV show.

Dinosaur likeness : 1/5


Carnosaur, a dinosaur horror movie that rushed to beat Jurassic Park

to theaters and then quickly made it’s way to late night TV

Dinosaur likeness : 2/5


here dinosaurs were tiny, instead of being big and scary like they’re supposed to be.

Dinosaur likeness : 4/5


When i was a kid this was awesome … now it just look like fat hand puppets.

Dinosaur likeness : 3/5

Unknown Island (1948)

ewww its horrible…

Dinosaur likeness : 1/5

The Lost World (1960)

the filmmakers decided to create dinosaurs by gluing plastic horns,

frills, and sails to iguanas, monitor lizards and caymans. The result was absolutely awful.

Dinosaur likeness : 0/5


This is the Holy grail ….

A man turns into a human-sized T-Rex.

Dinosaur likeness :  – 5000/5

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