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Star Wars Pin-Ups

Whats Hiding under this Imperial helmet ?

Some readers on Buzzfeed and on this blog were shocked by one of my last post about Lilo and Stich grown up.

I was accused of ” raping childhood memory ” of some ( very open minded ) people.

Why ? … Because i was showing a different angle of a well known artist who happened to make movies for kids but who can also make cartoons with sensuality and big boobs in it ( YES BOOBS  end of the world …  )

So i am Happy and Proud to keep showing you some artist sexy vision of one great childhood memory : Star wars

Feng Zhu is an illustrator who work for movie design and cover art, and actually he worked on the designs of the Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith for Lucasfilm

As you can see he did some pretty cool Posters for calling young male around the galaxy to Join the empire.

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54 Responses to “Star Wars Pin-Ups”

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  2. peeweemen says:

    hahahahh the drawings were put in several SW comics as propaganda, so to speak.

  3. […] the Empire Pin-ups you can discover here another artist […]

  4. Mathieu S says:

    GeekAddict24 said :
    I acutally saw these Pin-Ups some time ago via TheForce.net, and they’re still fantastic. Truth be told, I’ve seen better on DeviantArt and from Artists like Oni and Mirawi (both of whom do *alot* of Adult/XXX rated Star Wars art) which capture the original look of the 1940s era Pin-Ups for the Armed Services better. Still, these are just great and Feng really shows his talent.

    I followed the link here from Scifiwire and alot of comments mirrored those here. That posters like this would seem out of place or they’re not Canon. Being a Epic Star Wars Nerd myself, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had discussions about how the Films (both OT and PT) are the only things that matter and content inspired by or from the Expanded Universe does not apply. Often, I’m shocked at how vehement some of my fellow fans can get over this. After-all, we’re not Trekkies. Often, I’ve tried to be the mediator by imparting my own view point about the EU and the “canon” issue.

    I look at this way; you have the G.L. Universe (i.e. the Trilogies, TCW, etc) which could be considered the “Canon” Universe, then you have the EU (The Thrawn trilogy, KOTOR, etc) which can be considered an alternate timeline where many similar things happened in the timeframe depicted in the films but certain details occured differently in the past and post RotJ. I’ve always felt this is how Lucasbook and Del-Ray before it should have approached the EU in regards to the Films, sadly, they’ve often had to ret-con the EU because of something featured in the PT or TCW. The issue with Karen Traviss was a perfect example of that.

    Still, at the end of the day, when it comes to Art like what we see above, I think the fans should just be able to enjoy it, either in a very “guy” way, or just because it’s some awesome looking Star Wars Art.

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