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01 : Choosing the good restaurant

The Over fancy restaurant : Parisian girls are snobbish but they don’t like when people notice it.

The design restaurant : She will understand that you are trying to hard to look sophisticated

The Vintage / cute / restaurant : Parisian girls will love it, only if it just looks poor and vintage, cause if it really is, you are in the deep shit. Fortunately in the center of Paris there is a lot of restaurants who looks poor but actually are very expensive, so your girl friend will look like she is not a snobbish girl to the other clients and you will pretend you are dating an open minded person.

02 : Waiting for her

Parisian girls are not punctual, not because they are late, but because they have to pretend they were busy doing something that really matters, something that makes you feel that’s an honor to hang with her tonight.

So you have to wait :

Rendezvous + 1 min : Waiting there with a smile on your face.

Rendezvous + 5 min : Waiting there with no smile on your face and a strange feeling of loneliness.

Rendezvous + 10 min : Waiting there with your new friends the pigeons.

Rendezvous + 24 min : Finlay she arrive, giving you a small but priceless ” sorry i am a little late” ( if you are very lucky )

Don’t offer her Flowers, she will not know where to put them, there is no room left in her Dior bag , and flowers are wet, she don’t want wet flowers near her IPhone.

03 : The Salad experiment

Whatever restaurant you will choose, from Chinese to Italian, French, Japanese, Tibetan, or Martian, whatever type of wonderful different dishes you can taste, her choice will always be … the salad.

After 3 Million years of evolution, mankind discovered many type of recipes, and many ways to accommodate what you can find in nature , but Parisian girl never heard of that and keep eating the same boring Salad.

Why ? :

The Salad is not only the favorite meal of turtles and Snails ( and Parisian girls )

Salad is also a visual communication system between men and women.

How it works ? :

  • If she takes a salad with nothing else than salad and croûtons  : She is trying to tell you that she can control her weight, and she is a good choice for a long term relationship. ( she is into you )
  • If she takes a salad with cheese or bacon in it : She is trying to tell you that she can control her weight, and she is a good choice for a long term relationship but you and her could be friends, she is not sure. ( she is into you but not very sure )
  • If she takes something else than a salad : She is trying to tell you that don’t care about her weight, and she probably don’t care about you either, she is enjoying a good meal with her buddy but she will not let you enter her bed.

04 : Her phone hates you.

If she is Answering in front of you :

She don’t officially don’t give a shit about you, you are just the guy who will pay the check and who can listen to her, but she have more important issues right now, like knowing what her best friend boyfriend did 5 min ago and it was sooo funny …

If she is texting :

First of all she is very rude, second she is bored with you and she prefer talk to her phone, in this case its smelling bad for you and its time to think about how to end this dinner.

If she is texting after she got a message in front of you :

Here it become serious : if she got a message and look at you and then put her phone back in her bag, it mean she respects you and she want to show it to you : she likes you

If she answer the message directly it can mean your waisting your time with a rude girl or that her mother is at the hospital and in this case you have to forget about the date.

05 : The Roses seller

In every single Parisian restaurants you will see a roses seller coming at your table, majority of them are from Pakistan and Parisians call them the ” Flowers Paki”, they always comes at the worst moment and put their roses between you and your girl so you can’t miss them.

With the years this sellers became the symbol of unimaginative lovers and cheesy feelings, its admitted by a lot of Parisian that offering one rose from a ” Paki” is like saying ” i don’t how to show you i wana fuck you so i give you a dead flower that a guy just put under my nose “.

Indeed the biggest roses buyers are the tourist who find it so ” romantic”.

But now the ” Paki ” enter the room and put his love vegetation between you and her, it’s time to choose what to do :

You buy her one rose : she will accept it and say thank you, but deep inside she will think you are a huge looser, and you must be unimaginative in every aspect of your love life.

you say ” no thank you ” : She will say nothing but deep inside she will think you are a boor and that she deserve a rose for god sake !!

what to do then ?

No idea … just pray for never cross path of the Paki flower seller.

05 : paying the bill

Whatever you do, always pay the bill.

But there is two kind of Parisian girl when the bill arrives :

The first one say “NO” to let you understand that she is an independent woman and she don’t need you to act like a old school alpha male, but in the end she will accept…

The second one will say nothing, not even “thank you” and let you pay.

If the dinner went well you maybe have a chance to see her again

then you have to read the next episode coming soon

How to date a Parisian Girl – Episode 4

6 Responses to “How to date a Parisian Girl – Episode 3”

  1. J’étais d’accord avec tout, jusqu’au paiement de la note du resto. Too bad.

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  3. Parisian Girl mangeuse de salade says:

    ahahah tellement vrai ! next episode ? How to get a parisian girl into your bed ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed reading it from the first episode How to date a parisian girl, and all I can say to you Mathieu is that you should seriously start considering becoming a writer
    I am so looking forward to the episode 4 of How to date a parisian girl, reading it makes me realize that we are all a bit of a parisian girl in fact

  5. Mathieu s says:

    maybe the first Kiss befor that ?

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