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Jim Denevan makes temporary drawings on sand, earth and ice that are eventually erased by
waves and weather.

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18 Responses to “Sand Art : A new Kind of Land Art”

  1. maxwelldog says:

    many years ago, several farmers began producing art in their fields using creative cutting techniques, fertilizers, and plants.
    When asked why they would create such tremendous works of art that would not last beyond a season, the reply was, “what art do you think lasts forever?”

  2. JOY! says:

    this is WONDERFUL art!

  3. Dimitri M says:

    I love your art! Great!

  4. Lisa says:

    You’re a poetry!

  5. filo says:

    mo trovati un lavoro…………….

  6. Sirena says:

    Ma esistono spiagge così grandiose??

  7. nicola says:

    The return of land art. Beautiful works in a beautiful nature
    Thanks to you for the gift. Art will renew the world!!!!!!

  8. kathleen says:

    most beautiful thing i have seen …. made me believe again!

  9. Sulakshana says:

    That kind od precision just with a stick amazing !!

  10. caterina says:

    Many compliments from Florence, Italy… you are a poet
    Caterina Cirri

  11. giorgio says:

    …photoshop fa miracoli!!!…

  12. Mara says:

    this guy seems to have a lot of time on his hands…

  13. allen says:

    he is clearly an alien. Complex shapes like this cannot be made by human beings–especially those from non-industrialized societies. Only aliens directing him from their space ships high above could create such things.

  14. Dean says:

    you could easily take off the first 1:30 of the video. too bad it’s the least successful of his pieces.

    otherwise this is the kind of thing that makes me jealous that i’m not doing such simple elegant impactful non-destructive things.


  15. tim says:


  16. Danish says:

    Remind me of Nazca Lines. Though I have never seen them or been to that continent !

    @maxwelldog the reply “what art do you think lasts forever?” answers the question I have had in mind for years.. Trust farmers and people who sweat in the fields to come up words of such raw wisdom!

  17. i just wanted to chime in and say nice design.

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