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Hobbit Dolls House

Want to feel Like gandalf in a Hobbit House ?

Maddie Chambers took a year to make this Doll House Replica of the Hobbit Hole of Bilbo from Lord of the Rings.

Amazing work Maddie !!

” No Admittance except on party business “

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5 Responses to “Hobbit Dolls House”

  1. Brian Mossberg says:

    A bit potty and obsessive, but lovely & amazing. For about 4 years (starting in 5th grade) I would start every summer when school got out by reading The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings. Looks just as I imagined it. Mazeltov !

  2. Ann says:

    It’s wonderful…but where’s Bilbo?

  3. Sabrina says:

    AWESOME!!! It is sooooooo cute!!! You really got all the details from the movie exactly right! Did you use kits for the furniture or design it all yourself from scratch? I am 11 years old and I am a huge fan of LOTR, plus I love to make miniatures. These pictures make me want to try to build one too!

  4. Dolls says:

    It’s magic! The realisation is wonderful!

  5. janie says:

    that is amazing!! i love it, magical!!

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