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I think i need a new Pants …

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What is more terrifying than a crazy human ?

A crazy non-Human thing with a crazy Human Look !!

Here is a short selection of the most heart-stopping looks i have seen.

Most of them are unknown apes but its hard to find a turtle with a human look …

1 : Oliver the Ape

This Image made me do nightmares for years when i discovered it in a ” paranormal” book about monsters.

Oliver (born 1958) is a Common Chimpanzee and a former performing ape once promoted as a missing link or “Humanzee” due to his unusually human-like face and a tendency to walk upright. Despite his somewhat unusual appearance and behavior, scientists determined in the 1990s that Oliver is not a human-chimpanzee hybrid.

But Still he make me want to run away …

2 : The Naked Apes

Ashes, the hairless chimpanzee! Ashes is a 13 year old chimp that lives at the Mysore Zoo in India.

Cinder was born at the Saint Louis Zoo in Missouri.

Born with full hair, she soon lost it but was still readily accepted by the other chimps.

3 : CB2 Child Robot

the Japanese Science and Technology Agency  managed to produce the most disturbing machine you’ve ever seen and … He will kill you while you sleep …

04 :  The de Loy’s Ape

In 1920, a Swiss geologist named Francois de Loys was conducting an expedition through the South American jungle when he saw a couple of strange human like creatures.

The group opened fire with their rifles, and the female was killed, the male retreating into the dense jungle growth.

The female creature’s body was examined, and the men were puzzled as to being able to identify the creature: none had ever seen or heard of such an ape before. It had no tail; and it sported 36 teeth – four more than most monkeys found on the American continent.

Unfortunately, the story ends there: all we have left is the photograph and  the de Loys ape continues to intrigue.

Its face haunts amateur cryptozoologists who will always wonder whether there is more of its kind out there right now.

5 : Baby apes

Do you know that Baby chimps look like adult humans ?

Anyway … baby Apes are too scary or too cute depend on the mood they are in.

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2 Responses to “5 Non-Human with a scary Human Look.”

  1. joanna says:

    hey wow there cute but its dome to grow with themm hello they can kill you stick to life now ok im not mean its true lives have been killed case of themi♥ them to but yeah its true

  2. zhart says:

    Looks like Sheila Jackson Lee.

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