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New Star Wars Pin-ups

May the Sexy Force be with you !

After the Empire Pin-ups you can discover some new star wars Pin-ups :

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Morten Moeslund made a serie of Star wars Pin-ups that makes me want to visit a galaxy far far away with some laser condoms…


From same artist but different universe :


Ms Indy

Lara Croft


7 Responses to “New Star Wars Pin-ups”

  1. Alberto says:

    Niiiiiice and sexy ones !!!!

  2. stoof says:

    mmmmara jades

  3. C says:

    Why do they all look stolen from Frisky Dingo?

  4. ithurtswhenipee says:

    What?! No ewok outfit?

  5. tovette says:

    Not bad for paint-overs.

  6. GeekAddict24 says:

    Some of these are really outstanding. The Imperial ones are a bit lacking, but the Rebel/Jedi images more then make up for it. I have to wonder if these Pieces will spark the same kind of discussions started at the old site over the previous Star Wars Pin-ups. I left a fairly lengthy response to that issue myself at the old site so I won’t repeat it here. I will simply say that these do many of the character’s justice, Jaina Solo especially.

  7. […] a lot of people Star wars mean Storm troopers, white armor and lazer […]

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