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Its time for you to decide who is the most desirable/ sexy / hot / beautiful woman in this list.

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29 Responses to “Vote for the Hottest police woman of the world.”

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  3. Lina says:

    The women who are marked as Italy are actually Austrian.

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  5. Ig says:

    The one from Finland looks fake. She was bright colour, long fingernails. She is also wearing what looks like an Army uniform, not Police.

  6. Nick 007 says:

    The Italian picture seems to be wrong: ‘Polizei’ doesn’t seem Italian (‘Polizia’!) and neither the uniform. Give us some real Italian beauties 😉

  7. Haiku Guy says:

    I voted “Turkey”.
    The girls were pretty cute, but
    I voted for the gun.

  8. Mathieu S says:

    Nick you are right, i added Italy and Greece to the challenge !!


  9. ronronthecat says:

    I vote for finland.

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  12. Some of them look like they’re playing around and trying on their boyfriend’s uniform or something.

    I’m pleasantly surprised that some of the female officers in Islamic countries like Algeria or Indonesia aren’t required to wear the headscarf, although again that could be a case of them playing dress-up (altho the Baretta and Remington the Algerian officers are holding seem a bit much just to play dress-up).

    On the flip side of the coin, I’m intruiged by Mexico- I understand it’s common practise for police and soldiers down there to wear such masks as a security precaution. Still, she seems pretty dolled up for somebody who was going to throw on a mask immediately afterwards.

    Denmark and the NYPD officer have that ‘girl next door’ quality to her, but so does Japan with the added bonus of being reminiscent of that perky, exotic, alluring exchange student one went to high school with back in the day…so in the end, I went with Japan.

  13. lordlovedoom says:


  14. Finn says:

    That Finnish girl is not a police officer. She is Satu Tuomisto, Miss Finland 2008 and she’s wearing finnish military uniform.

  15. Jon says:

    I’ve spent a lot of time in Sweden for work. Hot looking women in uniform, with guns (Heaven!). I’m going to go on a crime spree next time I am in Stockholm. It would be worth spending a week in jail just to be arrested by one of those girls!

  16. İnci ziker says:

    I voted for ‘Canada’
    She looks royal and i’d Muck her like a queen >)

  17. kuka says:

    Indonesia is very cute one, will go there purposely to meet them now

  18. Eye opening matеrial! About time somеonе that knowѕ what they arе on about and can produсe common sеnѕe blοggіng for uѕ thаt reаd it.
    wіthout dоubt lookіng fоrwarԁ tο yοuг next offerіng.

  19. Sebastian says:

    Finland is Army, not Police

    cheers from Finland

  20. in indonesia says:

    Well, the police officer presented on this web is actually a lesser-known one. the most popular one is Eka Frestya, from the National Traffic Management System. Look her up, or maybe here’s a glance:


  21. airtight says:

    This is tough…

    My finalists are:

    I’m sadly going to dismiss Russia. She’s definitely pretty and has a gorgeous smile, but I can’t make out her figure to be certain.

    Japan is beautiful, enough said…but I don’t see sexy.

    Israel is hot!! and beautiful.

    Indonesia is similarly so as Israel, but in just a slightly less sophisticated way. Straight to the point.

    Finland is beautiful and hot. Femininity in all it’s splendor is probably oozing under that fatigue. I also detect hues of shyness and grace, to compliment her likely resilient and strong character… I bet she’d be a bit more sensual.

  22. airtight says:

    I was premature. Upon reading more of the above comments, I’ve discovered that yes, Finland is indeed Ms. Finland. I tend to like the image depicted in the submitted picture more than my Google search finds.

    I think now Indonesia/Israel, Finland/Japan are in close heat.

  23. airtight says:

    Norway for honorable mention.

  24. airtight says:

    …ahem ….
    Germany/Norway for honorable mention.

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