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In a geek life there is an important moment : when reality mix with fiction and you have the chance to meet your idols, from your fav movies or series.

My geeky moment was when i visited the locations where Lucas shot Star Wars in Tunisia.

Here is a gallery of Huge geeks meeting their gods.
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try to find who is the geek and who is the star in every pic.

sometimes two geeky idols meets … and it’s hard to know who is the geek in the shot.

Karen Gillan of doctor who + Grant from MythBusters.

2 Responses to “When geeks meets their idols”

  1. Hiles says:

    The one that is not smiling or has a fake smile is not the geek. The geek is grinning from ear to ear.

  2. Steven says:

    I love this page. :) :) :)


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