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Rare Cats

Some cat breeds have been “discovered” and then refined by humankind in the cat fancy.

Others are simply created by the cat fancy.
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There are bound to be a number of “types of cat” that have very similar traits due to being isolated geographically  that have developed in areas of the world where this is no cat fancy. They are unrecognized.

here is a list of really rare and awesome rare cats from around the world.

savannah cat

the sokoke

The munchkin ( dwarf cat )

the manx ( no tail )

Javanese cat

The Rex Cornish

The rex selkirk

The Chausie

Norwegian Forest Cat

Siberian Cat

serengeti cat

Minskin cat

Elf cat

Singapura Cat ( very rare )

2 Responses to “Rare Cats”

  1. Margaret Jones says:

    How about Japanese Bobtails? They seem to be mainly on the west coast, introduced into the US only in 1968 from–where else?–Japan. I had the great privilege of being a J.Bob mom for seven years when I lived in Oregon. I’ve loved cats and had many all my long life, but my J.Bob Willie was the most wonderful cat I’ve EVER known: affectionate, intelligent, intuitive, talkative, very loving and loyal. He died three years ago, and I still miss him every day.

  2. Benzadmiral says:

    Nice list, but the cat you show as a “Siberian cat” is not the domestic breed known as the Siberian. Those look much like the Norwegian Forest Cat in the previous pic. The beast in your picture, I suspect, is an Asian Pallas’s cat, a wild species.

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