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There is a internet obsession with disney princess … maybe because every one around 25 saw at least one disney movie with a strong female character and remember it with emotions … or just because there is a lot of pervert waiting for a sexy version of childhood memorys .

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Any way Digital Painter Jace Wallace made those stunning paintings of Ariel, Jasmin and co.

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3 Responses to “Stunning realistic Disney Princess paintings.”

  1. Goluban says:

    What the fuck was that bitch thinking when heshe drew snowwhite. she looks like a godamn nasty gypsy

  2. bojangle says:

    The story of Snow White originates from Romanian history. So yeah…way to be horribly racists and all.

  3. perle says:

    i taught this was very beautiful and imaginative to bring disney characters to life 😀 <3

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