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“A number of dinosaur fossils will go up for auction at Sotheby’s in Paris shortly, including what’s being called a “dinosaur mummy.” It seems among the collections in a fossil that seems to still have skin attached to its bones.

While the fossil itself is rare, the chance to purchase these monumental fossils is a treat by itself. According to Reuters the showcase piece is expected to be sold for well over 1 million Euros.”

When i saw this information this morning i took my camera and run to see this incredible mummy, as a bloger reporter i give you some of the most impressiv fossils that will go for auction tomorow.
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click on the images for larger version.

One Response to “‘Dinosaur Mummy’ To Go Up For Auction In Paris”

  1. The picture of the Triceratops is truly haunting. I would love to buy a dinosaur!

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