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There is so much things to taste when you come to Paris for the first time and no so much time, so i let you discover the 7 most delicious french chocolate pastries you can have in Paris

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1. Pains au Chocolat


The most respected pastries behind Croissant and one of the thing you can’t pass

2. Eclair au Chocolat


One of the most trendy pastries right now in the “Chic Paris”

3. Macarons au Chocolat

Those little sandwich cookies is a must if you come to Paris.

4. Religieuse au Chocolat

Chou Buns with a Chocolate Ganache on top … to eat religiously !

5. Escargots au Chocolat

Escargot mean snail … and you know french people love to eat snails …

6. Viennoise au Chocolat


It’s Basicly a chocolat drops baguette … but with more butter … buttttterrrrrr

7. Croquant au Chocolat


Almonds diped in caramel covered with Chocolate … no need for more words.

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